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Future Scope

(1)Green Business Aspect
Our goal is “Customer’s Satisfaction” and working together with suppliers continuously, deliver HSPM/GPMS ideas and methods and ask the customers to fulfill to ensure that all the conditions, materials, goods, tools, skills to be used for production to meet strict standards regulated in ISO14001, QC080000, and demanding made from customers.
(2)Vocational Safety & Hygiene Aspect
In the future, Mag.Layers will strengthen the present safety & hygiene organization, we continuously carry out in-site safety advocating/ trainings and Zero-damage/ Zero-injure goal seeking, and the workers may devote and work in more safe and better condition.
(3)Social Welfare Aspect
In 2009, Mag.Layers will actively expand participation level & beneficial level in social welfare activities, and encourage the workers to participate in volunteer services work to maximum effect of activities by affecting family members and relatives.
(4)Employee Participation Aspect
The employees’active and positive participation is main key on corporate social responsibility, in the future, we will encourage the employees to design and participate in the activities in the ways more systemically and effectively for leading “ Human-Oriented” Mag.Layers Culture.