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Carry-Out Environmental Protection Activities

Our company has the mission and faiths for the society, and environmental protection. In order to maintain whole-part of nature environment, we carry out the management activities to the environment actively & carefully, and we keep the following commits as the highest guiding target on environmental management policy in the company.
(1)Follow environmental protection laws to meet environmental protection needs.
(2)Make green products to insist green commits.
(3)Carry out hole-staff training to comply environmental protection & energy saving.
(4)Continuous improve the environment for everlasting business.
In order to carry out environmental protection concepts, we take the following measures:
(1) 5S activity will be held regularly & yearly to strengthen environmental protection consciousness.
(2) The employees are encouraged to use tableware for environmental protection.
(3) China cups are to be used in the conference room, but not paper cups.
(4) Popularization of e-form and e-mail shall be done to decrease waste of papers.
(5) 27°C fixed temperature shall be set in the office areas.
(6) Carry out garbage division policy which the concepts of in-site garbage recycle shall be announced, resources recycle box shall be set in some designated points, recycle the garbage by its kind, also recycle of leftover shall be done.
(7) No offering paper towels but hand dryer is set in the toilet to decrease use of papers.
(8) Make correct concepts of use of papers in saving ways.
(9) Under the condition not affecting the employees’ rights, some toilet are closed for decrease on use of water, electricity and energy.