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Environment Assurance

Environment Management System

Mag.Layers is a professional passive component manufacturer. The major products are Chip Bead & Inductor Series, Coil Series, LTCC, RF Components and EMI Components.

Mag.Layers duty and faith to society and environment is to protect ecological environment and systematize environmental protection procedure. So during the R&D, manufacture, row material, maintenance, disposition of waste and operation procedure, Mag.Layers can evaluating the impact to environment, and positively driving the environmental management activity. Further more, implement pollution prevention, complete business duty for environment.

Environment / HSF Policy
Follow the environmental Protection Laws to meet the demanding on environment protection.
Produce green products to insist green promise.
Carry on whole-people education to make save the resources in environment protection way.
Improve the environment continuously to run the business everlastingly.

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